New England Regional Veterinary Imaging Center

The New England Regional Veterinary Imaging Center will conduct operations in the MEC facility, where primary care veterinarians can refer dogs, cats and other companion animals for advanced diagnostic imaging. Myhre Equine Clinic's state-of-the-art technology, previously available at only a few select hospitals in the country, affords New England veterinarians and horse/pet owners diagnosis and treatment of the most elusive problems.

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Sharing Our Latest Testimonial:

"As I contemplated our experience at Myhre Equine Clinic (MEC) / New England Regional Veterinary Imaging Center (NERVIC) I felt compelled to tell you our impression. Having worked as a consultant for many years, dealing with thousands of individuals from many disciplines, I found the MEC/NERVIC staff to exhibit a very unique synergy. The level of professionalism, sensitivity and understanding exhibited by all staff was no less than

Dr. Myhre is an exceptional individual with knowledge and training that is perfectly interwoven in the fabric of his personal philosophy. Rarely do you see all of these attributes synchronized in such a positive manner. From my perspective, this is a tribute to a man with a great vision who is unwilling to compromise. I can only presume he must be a great teacher. Anyone lucky enough to work with him must be very fortunate. Any animal lucky enough to be treated at MEC/NERVIC is also quite fortunate.

In closing, we did have the option to bring Smokey 72 miles to what is considered one of the most prestigious animal hospitals in the world. Instead, we drove 403 miles to MEC/NERVIC. The reason was simple, caring, sensitive people - with knowledge, experience and dedication - using state-of-the-art nuclear medicine and imaging technology.

This correspondence would not be complete without saying Ms. Laurie Dionne, our primary contact, exemplified all of the virtues described with the utmost precision and confidence. I must stand by my original thoughts - based on our experience before, during and after Smokey's treatment - MEC/NERVIC is a world class facility, second to none. We thank you for doing what you do so well."

~ John R. Grala, Barbara J. Ahart, Smokey


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